December 20, 2013

quaint little things

I think we've already established the fact that I CAN'T sew. At all. Have we? Maybe not. Well, I can't. Last time I tried sewing a button onto a piece of fabric, the fabric ended up having a little too many holes to have any sort of usefulness anymore. My friend Maxine, though, totally can. She made a whole dress from scratch. In my opinion, she's a little too obsessed with making hair bows, but don't tell her I said that. 
I wish I could sew something remotely similar to this skater skirt, though... (I got it from Tumblr) 
This picture right here, if you don't mind my saying, is my new over-obsession. Even though I'd rather not think about how the deer came to be put on someone's bed, I've still decided that something about this picture makes me... think... (heh. That sounds weird.) (again, I got this picture form Tumblr)
Okay, then... it looks like I'm getting all these pictures from my Tumblr feed. beyond that. I am definitely NOT a cat person, (I am a proud horsey-rights activist and dog-lover), but this picture feels so perfect for the winter collage that I'm making. Maybe I'll cut out the cat...
I wish I could do this... I showed this to my best friend, and her only remark was, "All that glitter must hurt." huh.
Since when do I like every cat picture I come across?
I wonder who that reminds me of... could it be... me? Haha. This happens to me every time.
This is basically straight out of what I imagined Green Gables in Anna of Green Gables to look like.

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