December 8, 2013


Well, hello again. I really wish it would snow this year over here, but at the rate the weather is going at, that might take a while. It's way to much like Spring right now- don't get me wrong, Spring is my favorite season- but it just doesn't feel fair to me. Snowfall is my absolute favorite part of any year! 
I think that it's lately been one of those weeks of pure thoughts. I keep seeing things that make me kind of upset, though I don't really want to share them right now. In a way, the song "Timber" is making me feel a bit better- it's so inspired, that it makes me feel like saying, "So what? This is life!" But it's not as easy as that. 
I went through millions of websites and this and that, and found all sorts of things that little by little are making me feel a bit happier. Altogether, I don't exactly feel awful anymore!
This is my favorite book, both ever and right now. It just came in the mail yesterday, after I'd finished reading the prequel, The Selection. This book is perfection to me! I really don't want to give any spoilers right now, but I will say that it's continuing the story of how America Singer is fighting for Prince Maxon's love, but with some surprising turns and discoveries in between. I summarized the first book here, if you're interested. 
This girl's Instagram account is a pure heaven to me (this is one of her pictures, just to credit the source). She has her own horse, Benji (I'm SO envious of her), and she has dedicated her entire instagram account to him. Literally. 
This is one of my own pictures. It's so simple and, let's face it, kinda cheesy. But in any case, it still reminds me that even though I don't have my own horse the way Brittany up there does, I still love riding and have it there for me as my ultimate passion.

Ahhhh... volleyball. Sports. I've sort of been putting off on that one for a bit of a while now. Let's face it: most people, when they first see me, mistake me for a girl who spends all her time at one ball sport or the other. Truth is, my only feeble muscles are the ones I get from horse-back riding, period. Me spending time at ball sports, and enjoying them? What a joke! I honestly don't really see the point of them. (This is top confidential information: I have a completely perpetual fear of balls. You're staring, I assume.)
20130621-123220.jpgMy dog. Because she's my best friend, even though she punched a hole through my cashmere sweater. (Love you bubu!)
And you know what? I feel SO much better now!

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Melissa said...

Your dog is so cute. x