December 10, 2013

the difference between mush and snow

Wait- I had a really funny story that I wanted to tell you right now, but I just forgot it. Oh, wait- I remember. However, now that I think about it, I'd rather not say. You know that moment when you're about to DIE because you told a story that you thought was simply HILARIOUS, but apparently, your audience doesn't really agree on the funny part, and you try to make something extra up so that the person/people will laugh? I was just thinking about how ridiculously often I do that, since nobody ever understands my sense of humor.
ANYWAYS, you know how on Sunday I was wishing so desperately for some snow to start falling? Well, it finally happened! except it was mush. i needed an umbrella in order not to feel the almost-rain. Global warming is really awful.


I kind of miss the summer, and yet... I would love to see some more snowflakes.
I think that most people I know hate snow. Probably because it's freezing. Yesterday, my dad was sitting on his little IC boat, in the middle of nowhere, with absolutely NO wind, and negative temperatures, and he STILL wanted to sail. Nothing against sailing on my part, unless it's the winter! Lord(e).
 Her expression... it's a prizewinner. In my opinion.

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