December 16, 2013

dancing like the snow

I have a LOT to go through with you right now, especially since the last few days were incredibly, um... Saying "life changing" sounds too forceful. Let's forget about that and move on.
The Julliard School had a fantabulous performance. One of my actually pretty good friends was, of course, the star. Okay. Intermission. Before I go on, I'd like to mention that I am absolutely inflexible. I got it from my dad, unfortunately. My attempts at creating something practical out of ballet, quite evidently, failed. That's all you need to know. Let's get back to the story.
The performance at Julliard was all ballet- but not the fall-out-of-your-chair-in-boredom kind of ballet. They had cool music, not to mention costumes and scenery. Watching the dancers, for me, was something I will never forget. The grace with which they moved and stretched, well... I will never be able to accomplish anything remotely similar to that. And yet, strangely, it made me feel free. Like not even the sky was the limit. (However, we all unfortunately know that there are limits, particularly to my flexibility!)
The best part- or one of them, at least, is that it's finally started SNOWING!
As the holiday break is getting closer, I've decided to start a diary. Correction. Another diary. I already have about two hundred notebooks that have been attempted to be used as diaries, but failed me. And I'll just keep trying again. .

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