December 3, 2013

little tiny hooligans

WELL HI. I didn't really know the total, true defenition of "hooligan", so I looked it up: a violent young troublemaker, typically one of a gang. However, since I like the word so much, I'll just pretend it means something along the lines of "minor catastrophes" or 'troubles". Because that makes it all sound much better and much more pleasant, don't you think? Someone told me that "hooligans" was the word they used to describe scamps in the days of bonnets and top hats. If so, then it must have quite an interesting history...
Enough musing about weird things like words. (however, since we're technically still on the subject, don't you just love the sound of the word "vagabond"? It means "wanderer".) Okay, okay, I'll actually stop, just because I still have SO much to tell you and only one post to do it. Let's start with my Thanksgiving weekend in the Hamptons.
I went with my family and my dog, and it's kind of become one of those old traditions. We usually drop everything off in our rooms and house, then we take a nice, long walk on the beach that usually lasts several hours to apparently think about the world. It also mostly involves me using one of those "extended-arm" throwers to toss tennis balls to my dog, Caline, which she hurls herself on. It's really funny to watch. I even made a video highlighting some of my favorite moments from the Hamptons: if this experiment doesn't work:
I'm sorry if it's a little bit boring at the beginning. Also, ignore the WordPress part. Those days are over!

Besides that, I'm having a little bit of a socks problem. My room is quite a clutter, mostly to the immense frustration of my poor parents (if i feel like being nice, i let them clean it for me. just kidding!). So, it's unfortunately a bit of an issue that my lost socks all look right at home in the mess. It makes it really hard to find socks that you actually want to have in your possession.
For your sake, though, I'll skip charming you with dreams of a lovely new batch of colorful socks.
Do any of you like Shakespeare? No, I suppose probably not. Big surprise there. However, if you saw "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (managed by the one who did Broadway's "The Lion King"), you'll love the old chap right away. At least the play wasn't a tragedy, but besides that: it was SO funny and charming! There was an article of it featured in The New York Times, which is how my mom came to find it. I hope you all can see it soon!

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