December 5, 2013

oh, joy.

Hi there. It's almost the weekend. Actually, it feels like the weekend already. The world seems to just be humming around in endless circles, and it feels like the birds are tweeting all day long. Those are only my fantasies, though. It's almost winter. We all know that doesn't happen in the winter.
It still stifling and humid where I live, though. There's no sign of the happy, white winters we've always had. Me? I blame it on global warming. Stupid global warming. People are basically killing themselves, a whole continent, and one of the world's most important cities (New York is predicted to soon be entirely submerged). Oh well. Enough of that. I want to think happy thoughts.
I changed my blog's name. Before it was The Neon Guava, and now it's The Blue Papaya. I just think that The Blue Papaya sounds much better. However, is still my email address and all my social accounts are still the same.

You know that out-of-nowhere trend with braids and  plaits and those pretty hairstyles? I really want to try them on me one day, but I absolutely can't imagine myself wearing two braids. For as long as I can remember, I've been wearing one of those slouchy high pony tails (if you know what I mean). Me with two braids in my hair is practically like... oh, I can't find anything to compare it to.

I also wanted to recommend a book that I've been enjoying a LOT these past few days: The Selection (i wish i knew the author at the moment). It's actually a trio, but the first book is my personal favorite. It's slightly like the Hunger Games, except much more romance and gush than violence (in fact, there pretty much isn't anything horrible in the book). I don't know about you, but I absolutely can't get through the Hunger Games without having half a heart-attack and nightmares for two weeks. ANYWAYS, The Selection is about 35 different selected girls, each from one of the 35 regions in the land of Illea. One of them, America Singer, has absolutely no interest in what she has been selected for: to win Prince Maxon's heart, and the crown.
(dot, dot, dot...)
I'll leave you hanging. It's much more fun that way.

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